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Well Ive gone and done it

Finally after a few years of trying I have launched new website for Katys Kwilts. It is a work in progress and I have a lot to learn especially about streamlining the shop part and how to link pages but small steps.

Its amazing what is happening at the moment and if like me you feel the world is out of kilter then sewing is a way to help you to be creative and maybe challenge yourself to achieve something you have wanted to do for a while. if I can help then please contact me and I can advise with your project - you don't have to have bought it from me.

The main thing I want to tell you about is that I can help you find those fabrics for the project you are working on by using FaceTime or WhatsApp video. I can show you fabrics live in the studio and together we can put a range together. Ive also got backing, wadding and tread for you to complete your project when you get to that stage.

if you haven't already done so leave me your details or email katyskwilts@yahoo.com or 07920 760646 and I'll pass on some projects and regular news.



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