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Moda Precuts - Jelly rolls, layer cakes and charm packs -
Pre cuts are a useful start to patchwork or for a quick project as some of the initial cutting has been done for you and there are so many patterns and books available with designs for you to use. They are also a way of having all the fabrics in a range without having to buy large quantities - you know they will compliment each other too as they are from the range the designer has put together.
I have been using them with the fabulous Delphine Brooks patterns

Jelly rolls - 40 strips of fabric 2.5" x width of fabric
Layer cake - 10" squares - 42 in 1 pack
Charm Pack - 5" squares - 42 in 1 pack

If you would like to take a stitching class using moda pre cuts dates are available at different times of the year and spaces will be published on the classes page of this site. If you sign up to the mailing list you will get notified of dates too.

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