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Paw & miniature bear fabric including ultrasuede, faux plush/cashmere felt and short pile fur

Short pile fur is ideal for making small bears and rabbits such as Ben, the mini bear or mini rabbits patterns - patterns are available on my Teddy bear patterns page.

Alcantara ultrasuede in various colours is a realy soft fabric that can be machine or hand stitched to add complimentary paws to your bear.

Faux plush/cashmere is a velvet like fabric with a tight weave and no stretch. It is beautiful when made up into small bears but can also be used for paws.

Felt can be used instead of the ultrasuede to add paws to your bear but it can also be used in small pieces to add the nose either on its own or as a base to embroider over. I have also used felt to make the smaller bears and rabbits.

Learn how to add paws or make a miniature bear by attending one of my stitching classes.


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