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Threads for Embroidery, teddy and doll making.

Gutterman top stitch thread for adding the eyes to Teddies and Dolls can also be used for adding details to your dressmaking projects.
DMC perle is a top quality cotton thread that can be used for adding features to bears but also is a delight to stitch with on embroidery projects.
I also stock Aurifil cotton sewing thread, Glide polyester and Gutterman polyester - give me a call for details

My threads are all top quality from well known manufactures that I use myself in my stitching classes and projects. If you are local or visiting Ryedale in North Yorkshire then why not make an appointment to visit so you can match the colour in person. As I hold stitching classes most days I ask that you only visit after making an appointment so that I can give you the time and place to discuss your projects.


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