Teddy Elliott. An original design by Christie Bears.

Pattern Pack consists of Pattern, black glass eyes and joints - Joints are cotter pin and nut & bolt. 

71cm (28”) fully jointed collectors bear.



Elliott Pattern Pack

  • Included in this pack:

    •    3x 64mm Cotter pin joints
    •    2 x 76mm nut & bolt joints
    •    16mm Glass eyes

    In addition, the following items will be required:

    •    ¾ metre 15 or 20mm sparse Pile Mohair
    •    2 pieces 6” x 9” ultrasuede for paw pads
    •    1 kilo of polyester/cotton filling
    •    150 grams woodwool stuffing for head
    •    polyester/cotton sewing thread
    •    extra strong thread for eyes
    •    cotton perle for features

    You will also need:

    template sheet or tracing paper
    soft template pencil
    small sharp scissors
    cotter key or pliers/ nut drivers or spanners
    7” doll needle

    Contact Katys Kwilts for your bear making supplies