Make a teddy Bear - suitable for beginners & all levels

Make a teddy Bear - suitable for beginners & all levels


Class to make a teddy bear -  suitable for all levels -  beginners- make your first bear, intermediate or experienced - an opportunityto have stitching time with like minded people.

Fee is class only and does not include materials. If you know which bear you want to make a materials list will be sent by email once you have booked and paid for the class. All materials are available on the day if you prefer to choose on the day of the class. Browse the website to have an idea of what is available.

Teddy Bear making tools are also available to purchase but you can also borrow a set for use in the class while you are in the studio.


If you have a small group of between 3 & 5 people and would like to arrange a date for a class then please give me a call and we can discuss dates, prices etc. This is especially useful if you all want to travel together on the same date.


When you are paying for the class - click on 'collect item' so that you are not charged postage.



  • Teddy Bear making class

    A class over 2 mornings - 0930 - 1230.

    Small classes with a maximum of 5

    Once you have joined I will contact you regarding choice of bear, fur etc.

    The class will include tips on how to cut out a bear so that your seams are hidden (depending on bear & fur), how to joint your bear, stuff to shape and then how to add details to give your bear its character.

    Day 1 - tracing pattern to the fur, cutting out the bear parts and sewing the parts together and jointing the bear - you may not get all the stitching and jointing finished but will have the knowledge to complete the joints and to stuff the bear ready for the next class.

    Day 2 - completing the joints & stuffing if required. the main part of the class is to learn how to add features to your bear and will include removing the fur from the muzzle, adding the ears, adding the eyes, creating the nose and mouth with tips on different shapes. Discussion on options for adding clothes etc