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Schmetz Microtex Needles size 80/12

Schmetz Microtex Needles size 80/12


Top quality Schmetz machine needles. These needles are microtex which are sharp and have a larger eye. Size 80/12, 130/705 H-M.

The needles are suitable for piecing in patchwork and general sewing but can also be used for silk, microfibre fabrics, coated fabrics and foils. Microtex are also generically called 'sharps'.

Although a box of 100 needles seems a large investment - they are much more economical - 54p each - if you think that you should change a needle approx every 8 hours of sewing then you can quickly use up small packs.

See the Schmetz webaite for a lot of information on needles - Schmetz are top quality needles

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